Unisect is:

valerie taylor


mark newman

bernal heights, san francisco, california, usa

Contact info:

praise or criticism or shows or whatever: unisect_at_machine-language.org
buying or distributing or releasing CDs: business_at_machine-language.org
valerie: valerie_at_machine-language.org mark: mark_at_machine-language.org
(of course, you must replace "_at_" with "@" to send an email)


the music on 'open' was made using these tools:

Propellerheads Reason, Cakewalk Sonar, Sonic Foundry Soundforge, Windows 2000, one or more computers, Midiman Oxygen 8, Midiman Delta 1010 Audio Interface, guitars, microphones, sticks, objects, headphones, Sony minidisc recorder

(we mention this not because we are geeks (which is not to say we are not) but because making music doesn't need to be mysterious, even if it is electronic)