Saying things with, for, and about machines. Listening to what machines say when nobody is listening. Machines to amplify, to automate, to simulate. Mahcines to organize, to access, to ask, to reply. Machines to record, to replicate, to repeat endlessly exactly what was said, to state the obvious, to restate the unobvious until it becomes obvious. To construct and deconstruct. To encode and decipher. To commpose and decompose.

These are the conversations:

Unisect: Open (2003)

The tentative beginnings of a conversation, anxiously calm, awkwardly graceful, fluently garbled. Ten times the machines spoke. Ten times, Unisect listened and asked the machines to be just a little bit more clear. Now you listen.

Impetus Inter: An Infinite Capacity for Romance (1996)

The capacity of machines for romance has been little discussed and even littler understood. The romantic capacity of emocore legends Impetus Inter has never been disputed. Be grateful with us that the machines were on hand to record, chronicle, and index this outpouring of pure passion, pure love.